Adam Roth

Retired Army Colonel, active crypto, blockchain and real estate investor, 30 years of experience in robotics engineering, firefighter

Adam Roth is a native New Yorker, born and raised in the City, and a graduate of Hofstra University.  He left New York to start a life-long commitment to service, with assignments in the Army all over the United States as well as 10 years in Germany (during and after the Cold War), and  two combat tours in Iraq.  He is graduate of the US Army Airborne and Ranger schools, as well as the US Army War College.

He received his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, and has served in the engineering field for 30 years, with a heightened interest in robotics and using engineering to solve problems.  He recently retired from the Army at the rank of Colonel, and earned numerous awards to include the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star.

Adam also continues to serve as a volunteer firefighter and a leader, in a career spanning over 23 years.  He assisted in the rescue efforts of the FDNY at Ground Zero in the days following the attack, and his dedication to serving the greater good continues to this day.  He now serves as a Deputy Chief of a fire department.

Adam serves as the President of the Cornal Group LLC, and has substantial real estate and financial holdings.

At the insistence of his wife Cora, and her business partner Shoshi Bacon, Adam became active in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.  Adam finds the excitement of this space is the next best thing to the adrenaline rush from combat or fighting fires, because it is revolutionary, and there are no two days that are the same, as it continues to develop.